I am a luckbox, but I did create some of it myself - to be honest. Here’s a rundown:

  • First hand I pick up aces on the button (so lovely), I raise 8 big blinds, short stack pushes in against me and a guy in the middle who limped in first calls the shortstack’s raise. I smoothcall decided to shove the flop. Flop comes K92, villain bets, I shove, Villain calls with KQ. I scoop the pot. I say, go aces, if I get ‘m again I’m pushing it right in! :D
  • I pick up aces the very next hand on the cutoff, one guy raises it up in early position, i push in, he calls, TT. I take the pot.
  • The hand after everyone limps in, I raise it up. Guy re-raises after me and I say “dude I’m running so good why re-raise against me?”. I push, he calls me down with KJos. :D He hits two pair on the flop bot the board pairs fives on the river giving me the pot.

I love live poker. :D