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04-04-2008 / 14:13
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Gambling Maniacs!

Every once in a while a live poker player like myself sits at a table that he loves and hates at the same time. I try to scout tables for players I know and have mental notes on — but not yesterday. The regulars were all at the $10/$20 table and I didn’t fancy to go up against the specific players that were sitting there as I would have been sitting on the exact wrong side of two aggressive players on the high end of my games moneywise (I never play over $25 BB).

Anyway, went to the $5/$5 NL game and found a table of absolute madmen. I sat down on a showdown Ace-Ten vs. KQ, both all-in pre-flop, stacks of about $250.

AWESOME… or not. It was a rollercoaster. I had aces in the first half hour, made a huge raise due to the table being so loose, one guy shoved — and showed AQ. I doubled up — and I kept cleaning out players by playing LOCK DOWN POKER. Started off with $300 and ended at about $2900. Not too shabby.

03-16-2008 / 04:07
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I played poker with Ali G.

ALI G POKER MONEYAnd he took my money…

I mean I was sitting at the $2/$5 table (yes, it’s rare, but it’s excellent as you can steal a little easier haha) and I lost over $400 to one guy, who looked 100% like Ali G.’s twin brother — NO KIDDING. We had great fun, but he seemed to always outflop me. I flopped a set once — and he flopped top set against me. I made a flush on the turn once — and he had flopped a set, the river paired the board. I flopped Aces up when he had AK and the board paired tens…

Anyway, I took a lot of smaller pots and managed to only be down $120 total — so I’m good, and I didn’t go on TILT. :)

02-11-2008 / 09:55
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Big Poker Win!

Alright — my first ‘big’ poker win! Just got home from a weekend abroad, and ended up playing poker the whole time… Entered a tournament on friday, and kept playing until SUNDAY! Won the final table of a $200 No Limit Hold’Em Tournament taking down close to $25K!

Unbelievable — my first big win! YAY!!


(btw: I lost $600 on roulette online. I feel sick hehe)

11-25-2007 / 14:36
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Website owner asks Sam Farha out to the casino’s

Website owner Bert from Europe asked poker and gambling professional Sam Farha to go hit the casinos together on his funny and entertaining website. When I first read through the pages I was like “what the fruitcakes is this?” — but after giving the website a chance to explain itself, I really think it’s a good joke…

What does Bert have to lose? If Sam replies — he gets to go to Vegas and play poker with his idol. If Sam doesn’t reply: nothing lost!

Check the website out — it’s awesome!

Sam Farha WSOP bracelet win