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11-29-2007 / 18:15
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Chinese Poker Online: Finding a Needle in a haystack

As Chinese poker has fallen from favour it becomes increasingly difficult to find a site that you can play at. The only site I could find was Tiger Gaming. Although even on this site you would have to look for it under the ‘13 Card Poker’ Banner.

Tiger Gaming has long been the most well known online providers of Chinese Poker and other exotic games. Both eastern and western styles of play are available so you can choose which type of game suits your taste.

Play money tables are available so new players can learn Chinese Poker before deciding to play for real money. Real money games range from 25 cents to $10 per point.

Fortunately for fledgling Chinese poker players Tiger Gaming has some of the worst poker players around. Although bear in mind at the higher limits of Chinese Poker the standard will be a lot better due to a lack of places to play Chinese poker.

Tiger Gaming, part of the Action Poker Network, which is in the top 25 poker sites and Networks on the internet, shares it’s players and tables with the other members of the network. Tiger Gaming has good customer support, decent software and good tournaments and reloads. New players can get a sign up bonus and it runs decent promotions. Tiger Gaming offers reloads nearly every month. These reloads are generally quite lucrative with 50% up to $1250 [or a player's maximum deposit limit].

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Bonus Hunting: Boosting your bankroll with Casino Promotions

Poker rooms often have promotions as a sweetener to sign up with them and stay loyal. They are looking to keep you playing at their site and will offer play as you earn bonuses. You can use this to your advantage to help you build you bankroll. Hey if you are playing anyway you might as well be getting a little extra. Even players who usually end up even can boost their bankroll by playing a lot at one particular site.

Most poker rooms offer a sign up bonus for new customers. If you are new to online poker resist the urges to open accounts all over the web as you can move sites to build your bankroll. It is possible to build a bankroll of a few thousand dollars from $50 just buy coming out even, but working the bonuses to your advantage. Just be aware that some bonuses are better than others. A small signup bonus can be better than a large one if the large one is going to take too long to clear. When you have cleared your bonus, look for a new site to make some more free cash.

Another bankroll boost is the freeroll. Many sites have freerolls to enter in exchange for loyalty points. Buy using freerolls to your advantage you can sharpen your poker skills and add to your bankroll at the same time. Freerolls can be very lucrative as shown by the current story of Annette_15. Annette_15 claims to have never loaded money into a casino site, she started off winning a freeroll and now makes six figure sums playing poker online.