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04-04-2008 / 14:13
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Gambling Maniacs!

Every once in a while a live poker player like myself sits at a table that he loves and hates at the same time. I try to scout tables for players I know and have mental notes on — but not yesterday. The regulars were all at the $10/$20 table and I didn’t fancy to go up against the specific players that were sitting there as I would have been sitting on the exact wrong side of two aggressive players on the high end of my games moneywise (I never play over $25 BB).

Anyway, went to the $5/$5 NL game and found a table of absolute madmen. I sat down on a showdown Ace-Ten vs. KQ, both all-in pre-flop, stacks of about $250.

AWESOME… or not. It was a rollercoaster. I had aces in the first half hour, made a huge raise due to the table being so loose, one guy shoved — and showed AQ. I doubled up — and I kept cleaning out players by playing LOCK DOWN POKER. Started off with $300 and ended at about $2900. Not too shabby.

03-16-2008 / 04:07
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I played poker with Ali G.

ALI G POKER MONEYAnd he took my money…

I mean I was sitting at the $2/$5 table (yes, it’s rare, but it’s excellent as you can steal a little easier haha) and I lost over $400 to one guy, who looked 100% like Ali G.’s twin brother — NO KIDDING. We had great fun, but he seemed to always outflop me. I flopped a set once — and he flopped top set against me. I made a flush on the turn once — and he had flopped a set, the river paired the board. I flopped Aces up when he had AK and the board paired tens…

Anyway, I took a lot of smaller pots and managed to only be down $120 total — so I’m good, and I didn’t go on TILT. :)

02-11-2008 / 09:55
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Big Poker Win!

Alright — my first ‘big’ poker win! Just got home from a weekend abroad, and ended up playing poker the whole time… Entered a tournament on friday, and kept playing until SUNDAY! Won the final table of a $200 No Limit Hold’Em Tournament taking down close to $25K!

Unbelievable — my first big win! YAY!!


(btw: I lost $600 on roulette online. I feel sick hehe)

11-25-2007 / 13:44
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Hi and welcome to my poker blog

Hi, and welcome to my poker blog! I’m not a poker genious — I lose money every single day. I’m what you would call a crappy player. Well — not really. I play well, but I donk out every once in a while, costing me most of my profit. I like it that way. I’m not in it to get rich. Call me stupid. Call me a gambler. :)

On this blog, I’ll be focusing on poker — and gambling. I like poker. I like gambling. I’ll be showing you my most favorite vids, will be talking about my favorite poker sites etc — and I’ll be showing you why poker is the most amazing sport in the world. Happy reading (and viewing!).

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