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01-31-2009 / 03:28
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Get Aces 3 hands in a row. Win all 3 in big pots.

I am a luckbox, but I did create some of it myself - to be honest. Here’s a rundown:

I love live poker.

04-12-2008 / 18:10
Poker Stories / Puggy Pearson / Sam Grizzle / Todd Brunson

Sam Grizzle The Donkey - A Funny Story

Okay this is hearsay, but it’s from Todd Brunson so it’s probably true. Found it at FCP forums but apparently it originated at

“About 12 years ago I was playing in a 150-300 hold’em game. Early in the morning Sam Grizzle walks in and starts commenting on how good the game is. When asked why he’s not playing he pulls out his bankroll ($2) and sarcastically asks how much the buy in is.

He leaves and after talking to Puggy Pearson comes back with $10,000 and starts to play. Now after about an hour Sam and Puggy get into an argument ( about what I can’t remember offhand ) and Puggy picks up his $10,000 and half of what Sam was winning, leaving Sam with about $400, far short of the required buy in. Fortunately for Sam, no one says anything and in about four hours Sam is winning around $40,000.

If this isn’t amazing enough, Sam quits the game announcing how he’s going to do us a big favor and go play the tournament, allowing us to keep what money we had left.( He also told us how smart he was and dumb we were of course ) You can guess what happened next; Sam the genius wins the tournament and another $120,000 to go with the $40,000 he won off us earlier that morning. Not bad for a guy who showed up at the casino with $2 in his pocket. It’s now 6 am and he’s been in the commerce for exactly 24 hours, time to get some sleep. That would be if he were a normal human but Sam’s far from that. Sam comes up to the top section where there’s a tough 800-1600 razz game in progress. Sam stumbles over and bellies up to the table losing his whole $160,000 in a fairly short period of time.

Instead of becoming upset Sam simply told every one how dumb they were,shook his head and walked out of the casino with the exact same $2 he showed up with the day before. Just another day in the life of a Gambler.”

Hehehehehe funny stuff! Sam Grizzle is such a donkball. Honestly. What a donkball.