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07-02-2008 / 01:37
Poker / Professional poker

Got Skills - Play Pro Poker?

If you’re looking to actually become a poker pro there are a few things you should consider before making the leap. PPPpoker just made an excellent post about the Skills you need to Become a Poker Pro and I seriously advice everyone to read up on it as it has some great value for semi-pro players and recreational players too…

From the post:
This boom in popularity, combined with a seemingly endless flow of “dead money,” resulted in a huge number of players trying their hand at playing poker professionally. Yet many were to be unsuccessful, as either their luck expired or as they ran into games that were too tough for them. Even competent players may be doomed to failure, as the life of a professional poker player takes more than just skills at the table.

11-29-2007 / 00:33
Bankroll management / MTT / Money management / Online poker / Poker / Poker software / Professional poker / SnG / Winning at poker

Building a Bankroll – A Rough Guide

If you want to play poker to have a bit of fun and you don’t care about making money, (or perhaps you are independently wealthy) look away now. Maybe sing a little song to yourself or go and play a bit of poker.

Right now the monkeys are out of the way you can focus. One of the key things about actually making money online is bankroll management. To build your bankroll so you can play with big boys can take a lot of hard work. However if you set yourself some guidelines you can become one of those players that actually make money and not one that is endlessly reloading.

Firstly keep records. Know for certain whether you are a winning player. You can get software to do this for you, pokeroffice or pokertracker, or you can set yourself up a little spreadsheet in Excel. Record wins, losses, rakes, hours played as a minimum.

Secondly implement some rules. If you play cash NLH then roughly 300 times the big blind is adequate (so for 50C/$1 games you need about $300). If you play SnG or MTT then 20 or 30 time the buy in should be adequate. If you suffer three or four bad beats (or losses through stupidity – yes we all do it) the get up from the computer and do something different. Whatever you do don’t double up to cover your losses.

Lastly play at a level you win at. If you make some money and move up a level but find you start to loose don’t be afraid to drop down a level. Being a winning player at a lower level that your bankroll suggest is better that blowing all your bankroll in one session.

11-25-2007 / 14:55
Chris Ferguson / Daniel Negreanu / Mike Matusow / Poker / Professional poker

Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow with the same hand

This is an excellent video I found over at a Daniel Negreanu poker fansite — it shows one of my favorite players Mike Matusow and Kid Poker Daniel Negreanu going at it with 97. Both of them.

I love the aggression by Mike, but I do have to admit I agree with the commentary on Fun poker to watch anyway, haha!

/ 14:36
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Website owner asks Sam Farha out to the casino’s

Website owner Bert from Europe asked poker and gambling professional Sam Farha to go hit the casinos together on his funny and entertaining website. When I first read through the pages I was like “what the fruitcakes is this?” — but after giving the website a chance to explain itself, I really think it’s a good joke…

What does Bert have to lose? If Sam replies — he gets to go to Vegas and play poker with his idol. If Sam doesn’t reply: nothing lost!

Check the website out — it’s awesome!

Sam Farha WSOP bracelet win