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06-13-2008 / 15:51

During some of the poker games, such as the Pot-Limits and No Limit, the rules apply. Throughout the game betting is essentially understood by most professional poker players who intend to challenge each hand to win the game; they often consider No Limit Poker rules, but they consider terms, blinds, buttons, all-in, buy-ins, position, check raise, calls, bets, and other essentials in poker as well.

Euh, right… From Poker Decadence.

05-31-2008 / 12:49
Gambling / Pai Gow Poker / Poker / Strategy

One advantage of playing Pai Gow poker over many other table games is that it involves some decision making, much like blackjack. But, unlike blackjack, Pai Gow poker strategy does not lend itself to a pocket-sized card that can be memorized in a short number of hours. Instead, it consists of recognizing many different situations, grouping them, and arranging your hand accordingly.Pai Gow Poker Strategy

The most important thing to remember is that the five-card – or ‘behind’ – hand must be stronger than the two-card – or ‘top’ – hand; otherwise, the hands will not qualify and your wager will be lost. This does not mean that you must play the full house if you are dealt K-K-K-9-9-6-4, only that the three kings must at least be behind; in fact, proper strategy would be to play them this way, with the pair of nines on top. Most hands will consist of seven cards that do not make anything or a single pair. In the former situation, the highest card must be played behind, but the next two highest cards should make up the two-card hand. With one pair, the hand should be played the same way, with the pair and the three lowest cards in the five-card hand.

When you get to higher ranking hands, like two pair and flushes, the rules get a little murkier. With two pair, it is often best to separate them, with the higher pair behind, unless they are both very low and you have some high cards that would make a strong hand on top, like an ace and a king. With three pairs, put the highest pair in the two-card hand the others pairs in the five-card hand. If dealt a straight or a flush, the player should put it behind, unless he also has two pair, in which case the two pair should be played separately and the straight/flush ignored. The only other situation that bears mention is three of a kind, which should always be played behind, except in the case of three aces. If you are dealt three aces, a pair should be kept behind while ace high should be played as the two-card hand.

Pai Gow poker strategy contains many subtleties that aren’t included here, but these have an insignificant effect on overall win rate. Pay special attention to your two pair hands because these are the easiest to play improperly, and remember that you should break up a straight or flush if you can play a pair in both hands. Making your two-card hand relatively strong is more important than constructing a powerhouse hand behind. Here’s wishing you good luck on your next trip to the Pai Gow poker table!

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This is the best way of getting a royal flush — getting your chips in pre-flop. If they played the hand normally Dag Martin Mikkelsen would never have known what the deck had in store for him…

Okay this is hearsay, but it’s from Todd Brunson so it’s probably true. Found it at FCP forums but apparently it originated at

“About 12 years ago I was playing in a 150-300 hold’em game. Early in the morning Sam Grizzle walks in and starts commenting on how good the game is. When asked why he’s not playing he pulls out his bankroll ($2) and sarcastically asks how much the buy in is.

He leaves and after talking to Puggy Pearson comes back with $10,000 and starts to play. Now after about an hour Sam and Puggy get into an argument ( about what I can’t remember offhand ) and Puggy picks up his $10,000 and half of what Sam was winning, leaving Sam with about $400, far short of the required buy in. Fortunately for Sam, no one says anything and in about four hours Sam is winning around $40,000.

If this isn’t amazing enough, Sam quits the game announcing how he’s going to do us a big favor and go play the tournament, allowing us to keep what money we had left.( He also told us how smart he was and dumb we were of course ) You can guess what happened next; Sam the genius wins the tournament and another $120,000 to go with the $40,000 he won off us earlier that morning. Not bad for a guy who showed up at the casino with $2 in his pocket. It’s now 6 am and he’s been in the commerce for exactly 24 hours, time to get some sleep. That would be if he were a normal human but Sam’s far from that. Sam comes up to the top section where there’s a tough 800-1600 razz game in progress. Sam stumbles over and bellies up to the table losing his whole $160,000 in a fairly short period of time.

Instead of becoming upset Sam simply told every one how dumb they were,shook his head and walked out of the casino with the exact same $2 he showed up with the day before. Just another day in the life of a Gambler.”

Hehehehehe funny stuff! Sam Grizzle is such a donkball. Honestly. What a donkball.

04-04-2008 / 14:13
Cash games / Casino / Personal / Poker / Texas Hold'em

Every once in a while a live poker player like myself sits at a table that he loves and hates at the same time. I try to scout tables for players I know and have mental notes on — but not yesterday. The regulars were all at the $10/$20 table and I didn’t fancy to go up against the specific players that were sitting there as I would have been sitting on the exact wrong side of two aggressive players on the high end of my games moneywise (I never play over $25 BB).

Anyway, went to the $5/$5 NL game and found a table of absolute madmen. I sat down on a showdown Ace-Ten vs. KQ, both all-in pre-flop, stacks of about $250.

AWESOME… or not. It was a rollercoaster. I had aces in the first half hour, made a huge raise due to the table being so loose, one guy shoved — and showed AQ. I doubled up — and I kept cleaning out players by playing LOCK DOWN POKER. Started off with $300 and ended at about $2900. Not too shabby.

03-29-2008 / 18:27
Cash games / Five Card Draw / Poker

Okay so a couple friends and I were playing PLO in our home game ($1/$2) and when player 3 went bust and couldn’t rebuy due to rent money issues and fears of going on tilt we decided to break it down and play some PER POINT five card draw. In its nature, that game takes all the skill out of it and pretty much means he who gets lucky wins most… Still, it’s a matter of making the right decisions changing cards to hit big hands etc… But right, mainly luck…

Turned out to be hilarious, and quite the action game at $2.50 a point. With eight players that’s $20 a pop, getting people up $100 and down $100 quite quickly…

I ended up losing $30, but I was up about $240 in the Pot Limit Omaha game, which luckily kept me up over $200 over the night…

Okay — so I lied a LITTLE bit in my title, but not completely… Have been playing a lot of 7 card stud over past few days, and have actually been accumulating money even though I’m quite new to the game. I had expected to land in a pool of experienced players, completely different from the No Limit Hold’em games where tv-watching donkeys make sure I keep making money playing poker — but to the contrary — a lot of people looked like they were clueless when it comes to playing from 5th street on…

That’s good news, and I’ll be trying to focus a little more on Seven Card Stud in the next few weeks… Trying to learn all the games is fun, and like this, it’s a good investment too! ;)

For more info on Seven Card Stud I can advice some articles over at Vincent’s Poker Blog:

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03-16-2008 / 04:07
Ali G / Cash games / Casino / Gambling / Personal / Texas Hold'em

ALI G POKER MONEYAnd he took my money…

I mean I was sitting at the $2/$5 table (yes, it’s rare, but it’s excellent as you can steal a little easier haha) and I lost over $400 to one guy, who looked 100% like Ali G.’s twin brother — NO KIDDING. We had great fun, but he seemed to always outflop me. I flopped a set once — and he flopped top set against me. I made a flush on the turn once — and he had flopped a set, the river paired the board. I flopped Aces up when he had AK and the board paired tens…

Anyway, I took a lot of smaller pots and managed to only be down $120 total — so I’m good, and I didn’t go on TILT. :)

03-10-2008 / 01:14

Every once in a while a pokerblogger has to change the way his website looks. That’s obvious. We don’t want our websites to look like thousands of others out there, and we don’t want our websites to look plain ugly either. My blog looks…. simple. Minimalistic, but nice. Yet — not like a poker site.

I realize that, and change might be acoming! has launched a free wordpress poker theme last week, and I’m considering using it for

What do you guys think? Nice?