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  'Check, Bet or Raise at the poker table'

10-19-2018 / 04:46

Double Double Bonus Poker is a very popular casino game by RTG. The double bonus payoff and kicker is the backbone of Double Double Bonus Poker. You get the payoff with aces of 2s, 3s, and 4s. This is the first video game to implement kickers which makes it every player’s favorite

The game has the best pay table and will give you a payoff of about 99.44%. The payoffs are offered for 4 kinds of hands. The payoffs are increased according to your cards rank. The aces in this video game are worth 80 to 1 while 2s, 3s, and 4s are worth 40. The payments are always doubled. The bets of the game start at €0.25 up to €25.

02-23-2009 / 04:46

Belgian poker player Jonathan Abdellatif is my bet when I had to put a name down for a Euro player to win the main event of the WSOP in the next couple years. We had to write down a name nobody else had heard of, that we believed had the skills to become a WSOP champ.

I picked Alosta Rounder Jonathan Abdellatif, who got his first fifteen minutes in the poker spotlight after being the chip leader in the ‘08 EPT Deaville for quite some time, playing an aggressive and inspiring game that impressed the pundits.

Here’s his pic - MEMORIZE IT - I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the near future!

Jonathan Abdellatif Poker

01-31-2009 / 03:28
Pocket Aces / Poker / Poker Stories / Texas Hold'em

I am a luckbox, but I did create some of it myself - to be honest. Here’s a rundown:

  • First hand I pick up aces on the button (so lovely), I raise 8 big blinds, short stack pushes in against me and a guy in the middle who limped in first calls the shortstack’s raise. I smoothcall decided to shove the flop. Flop comes K92, villain bets, I shove, Villain calls with KQ. I scoop the pot. I say, go aces, if I get ‘m again I’m pushing it right in! :D
  • I pick up aces the very next hand on the cutoff, one guy raises it up in early position, i push in, he calls, TT. I take the pot.
  • The hand after everyone limps in, I raise it up. Guy re-raises after me and I say “dude I’m running so good why re-raise against me?”. I push, he calls me down with KJos. :D He hits two pair on the flop bot the board pairs fives on the river giving me the pot.

I love live poker. :D

Whether you like to relax and play online poker or online bingo, you must choose wisely!

Never play online poker without it -- Get Rakeback!

01-11-2009 / 03:31

When you are planning to go to the casino in your hometown always be prepared to lose some money in the process. The kasino in your hometown wouldn’t be there if they lost all their money to players like you. Of course there will be a chance that you walk away with money even in the beste online casino.

If you go to play poker in the kasino then there is a very good chance you will walk away with some money. This is because you don’t win the money from the kasino but from the other players. But if you really want to make some money you should go and play online poker or play poker in an online casino. In an online kasino you make more money and the payout rate is better. Also there are much more tables in a online poker room. So you can spot the donkeys much faster. And you can use tracking software that will make the life of a poker player much easier.

So remember poker online and casino online is the way to go.

12-15-2008 / 16:55
Online poker / Rakeback

Been spending a lot of time playing small limit cash games on Cake Poker recently. Must say it is going pretty well so far but what really got me excited is when I got my rakeback report at the end of the month. It was like icing on the cake, after being up a decent amount of money over the month I also received a couple hundred through my rakeback program. So this post is for everyone who isn’t a registered rakeback account holder. There are tons of different offers out there which are available for most of the biggest poker rooms.

Every rakeback affiliate has different promotions and bonuses that they provide you with when you sign up so make sure to go through the main ones instead of just jumping onto the first thing you see. caught my attention by always offering all kinds of different free rolls for their members and having rake races with the winner being awarded a decent cash prize. So be smart and get rake.

11-11-2008 / 06:48
Poker Babes / Vanessa Rousso

How can you not fall in love with the breathtaking Vanessa Rousso? Look at her — she’s adorable…

Vanessa if you drop Chad let me know — I have no money but people say I have a cute nose!

11-02-2008 / 17:40
Online poker / Pocket Aces / Pokerstars

Rofl. I always dread these aces versus aces situations because you just KNOW someone goes on to make a Flush, right?

Well, not this time — the two luckboxeschop it, and I suppose that’s best for everyone… :D

AA vs. AA

Found these at!

If you play a lot of heads-up poker you’ll know a killer heads-up power play when you see one. I just read a post titled Heads-Up Strategy: The Re-Raise/Shove Routine on Teh Jinx Poker and I’m very much sure it’s a winning strategy. Test it out on the online green felt!

heads up poker

10-08-2008 / 18:35
Online poker / Royal Flush / Unibet

Too bad for this guy he wasn’t playing high stakes poker… ;)

Source: Royal Flush at Unibet @ Vincent’s Poker Blog

09-27-2008 / 14:52
Maya Geller / Patrik Antonius

Maya Geller is a poker babe and I hate Patrik Antonius for being the one being able to do her EVERY SINGLE TIME HE WANTS TO. ;)

Does anyone have a phone number for me? I have a couple hundred dollars less than Patrik but hey, her love don’t cost a thing, I’m sure!

Source Vincent’s Poker Blog

09-04-2008 / 14:43
Chris Ferguson

A young Full Tilt player called blackdeuces87 has just launched, a poker blog on which he’ll be keeping us posted about his personal quest to turn $50.00 into $10,000.00 on Full Tilt Poker.

I have no idea whether or not this “young gun” has any chance of doing what Jesus did — but Mollis’ Poker Blog wishes him the best of luck! Go get ‘m man!